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Voting is ESSENTIAL!

2020 has been interesting, to say the least! Let me start by saying racism is NEVER okay. Racism should NOT be tolerated. It has been so sad to see everything unfold but now the world is seeing and hearing more than ever. The outpour of support from ALL races for #BlackLivesMatter has been more than ever and touching.

I know COVID-19 is still very real and impacting people every day but voting is ESSENTIAL! We need every vote. It was very alarming to see the statistics that 530,000 blacks in Atlanta did not vote in the last presidential election and the current "president" won Georgia by 211,000 votes. Wow, that is crazy! I know I hear "my vote doesn't count" "my vote doesn't matter". I urge you to exercise your right to vote! Black people and women before us have fought very hard for the right to be able to vote. Black people were hosed, police dogs turned on them, spat on, beat, and even killed. Vote for your local elections, vote on the local laws, House/Senate representatives, and President. Vote in every election.

Georgia is apart of the primary States to vote on June 9th along with several other States. I participated in early voting in my county (Cobb County). I went on my lunch break on a Thursday to be told it would take 2 hours so I returned after work super prepared.

It did take 2 hours but it was WELL WORTH IT! My voice was heard, it was cast! Go to to check registration and to get information. Visit to get information on candidates and to learn about laws you are voting on. Vote by any means necessary! I will be back in November as well. I hope this inspires you to get out and vote if you were undecided. Make time for it. You have an opportunity to have a say in how your county, city, state, and country is operated with your voting power!

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