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Quarantine Home Upgrades

During my time in the house for than I have ever been during COVID-19 I really had time to focus on areas in my house that I did not like. When I first purchased my home in 2014 I did quite a few upgrades then but I don't know how I missed these other areas that were well over-due! I also found out the guy JT that mounts my TVs can do it all. But as soon as I found out I put him to work immediately. haha Here are the before and after photos of the areas I upgraded.

  1. My master bathroom (this photo was taken after I took down my Audrey Hepburn canvas -I put it in the guest room instead), But it was in desperate need of an upgrade! I don't know why the previous homeowner put a ceiling fan in the bathroom and even more confused on why I left it up so long smh

JT painted it this pretty light gray, added 2 new wall arts, changed light fixtures ( also check out some options on my Amazon too), Valance (, curtain rod with diamond ends TJ Maxx Home Goods (a favorite), and changed out the knobs on cabinet/vanity ( and JT (Atlanta area. Message me for his contact). It finally has the GLAM look I love like my bedroom.

My bedroom has been like I wanted from day one in 2014. What I have added during this time is small but pops of color with Tiffany blue pillow (, Tiffany coffee book (, Chanel bag wall art (it's all blinged out too)

I added my beauty corner last summer. Desk (, ring light ( Vanity mirror (, shelves I will be doing a vlog to give more details really soon be sure to subscribe (I also did a home tour too)

This is new as of last week. Shelf unit and Tiffany wall art can be found on

Next up is the guest bathroom. It is was in desperate need of a upgrade as well! It was just plain and worn down in the before.

So JT painted the top trim black and the remaining white. So chic and classic. I changed the shower curtain (, Chanel canvas on my Amazon link above, and the heels were made out of wood from this I worked with years ago back in Nashville name David! I love it. We replaced the towel rack behind the door (it has been knocked and hanging out of the wall) and replaced it with a small dainty hook right next to the shower. We also changed the hardware around the light switch, plug, and handles on sink. It now matches the guest room.

The guest bedroom I did not change much. I changed the ceiling fan (finally modern now but scary because it cuts on randomly on it's own due to remote haha). I added Audrey wall art, moved the heel Andy Warhol dup over, and added a hot pink pillow I won from

I changed the light fixtures in the half bath downstairs and the ceiling fan in the outdoor patio (the one the previous owners put up was for indoors only it was crying).

I got my fire pit put together and purchased enviro-log to do some s'mores on my back patio, it was amazing!

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