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Normalize Therapy

Happy December! Wow, 2020 has been one for the books. It has been one of the most interesting years ever! We have experienced so much in this year that we all need to decompress.

If you follow me on Instagram ( then you know I watch Real Housewives of Potomac and Real Housewives of Atlanta! I love how they have normalized therapy on the show last few seasons. It is good to see the ladies go to therapy regularly on National TV. Also, more and more people discuss therapy now.

I have been to therapy a few times before so I want to take you on a progression journey. I first went to therapy when I was a kid. Whew, talk about embarrassing! All because my grandma thought I cried too much but if you are yelling at me and calling me stupid I may get a little sensitive coming from you lady. haha I did not understand therapy then it was called a shrink at that time. The stereotype was that you was crazy if you seen a therapist. The most embarrassing part was that a girl in my class in elementary that was considered "slow" (remember back in elementary everyone was in the same class we just did different assignments). It was Junior High and High School where I seen the separation. But she went to the same therapist out of all people. I was shook. She went to school the next day and told everyone, I had to play it off like she did not know what she was talking about to avoid ridicule. Kids can be so cruel. Therapy was not effective at that stage of life.

The second time I went to therapy was 2015 here in Atlanta. I loved this therapist! She gave me assignments to make me think. I tried to go back to her years later but she didn't accept my current insurance then she was couple-based only. So 2019 was a rough year for me so I decided to get back in therapy. I followed a recommendation from a friend but it did not work out for me. One therapist may be good for you but not me. You have to do what fits right for you. In one of my sessions she told me I was making her anxious. I was like ma'am who is in therapy? I also did not like her judgmental tone with certain topics. It just wasn't a fit and I tired for several sessions but she was booked so good for others. I have a unique personality I guess. haha

The most recent time was October of this year. I love my current therapist! I found her via I searched on their site by my zip code and health insurance. All therapist on their site are black women. I went through a few before coming accross mine. I love the fact that they had a inquiry form online I explained about myself, what I was looking for in a therapist, and what I wanted to work on during sessions. They responded with who they thought in the practice would be a good fit. The best part is they offered a FREE consultation (like 15 minutes). The therapist told me about herself and allowed me to ask questions to see if it would be a good fit!!! This is exactly what I needed! She is local in Atlanta but due to COVID it is virtual for now. The best part is my insurance (Humana) covered my therapy for FREE (no copay) until 2020. It was not always like! It was a $50 co-pay per session last year. But now even 2021 it is $20 per session. But since it was free until 2021 I decided to take advantage of the benefit and booked once per week from October through December. This gives me time to dig deep then 2021 I do not have to go as much maybe once per month or once every two weeks.

If you have any childhood trauma, childhood issues, adult issues, relationships, expectations, pain, grief, or anything you should see a therapist. It helps to release that weight and work through it. It does not make you crazy. It makes you HUMAN! Would you rather talk to an unbiased stranger or tell your business to your so-called friend that will tell everyone and throw it in your face the moment she gets upset with you? Not only that it is taking care of your mental health. We have different levels of trauma but we have all been through something in our lives.


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I hope these resources help! Let's help normalize therapy. I would love to hear your experience in the comments and keep me posted on your journey. We must first heal ourselves from within before we can move forward whole.

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