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Nashville Eats

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Many of you may know I am originally from Nashville, TN. I moved almost 8 years ago, however, I always love home! I recently came home (COVID-19 test results came back negative) to visit family. I was able to check out some new eateries as well but of course, I will also give you some favorite classics!

  1. TJ's Fish & Bar-B-Que: [Black and Family Owned] Nashville is not only known for hot chicken but in the black community it is known for fish sandwiches. No one anywhere

else prepares them like this! Trust me Atlanta doesn't even have it at all! Every time I am in town I stop by, trust the owners know my face. I love it so much. Now we prepare it with fish whiting, white bread, cheese, mustard, hot sauce, pickles, and onions. I do everything but the onions. It is drive-thru only and they now accept cash or cards. If you ever make it down for a TSU (Tennessee State University) Homecoming they are right there in the heart of it right off of Jefferson street in a small yellow building, can't miss it. The whole Jefferson street will be filled with fish sandwiches but I promise you no one comes close to THIS! It is located at 1104 Ed Temple Blvd Nashville, TN 37208.

2. Slim + Huskies: [Friend, Young, and Black-Owned] Now this is owned by family, however, no bias here. I am not the biggest pizza fan but this pizza oh my goodness *Shenehneh voice*. I love the fact that it is all fresh ingredients and you can build your own. I get the Husky (so I can have one meal, for now, one for later), regular red sauce, house cheese, mozzarella cheese, chicken, smoked salmon, shrimp, and spinach with the ranch on the side to dip. That's me (I do not eat beef or pork) but you can order pre-made options or build your own. Plus you will love the decor it is either hip-hop or culture. Each location is different. There are several locations including a few in Atlanta.

3. Prince's Hot Chicken [Black-Owned]: Now I know you have probably heard of Hattie B's but honestly Prince's is what I believe really started "Nashville Hot Chicken". I was a little girl seeing my cousin Vina go up there to get Prince's off of Dickerson Rd (that location is no longer open at this time). I personally cannot do hot chicken I can do buffalo sauce but that is a different kind of hot. Don't go too far with the spice or you will learn real quick. haha Start at mild then work your way up. It is located in the Antioch area a little south of downtown.

4. Helen's Hot Chicken: [Black-Owned] I have been meaning to support for the longest but I finally was able to and it is good! I got the hot chicken and waffles. It is a good mix of sweet and spicy. They have several locations around the city including one now in Atlanta, GA.

5. The Peach Cobbler Factory: [Black-Owned] Whew, this is new for me but so glad I was

able to try it! OMG I got the strawberry and peach cobbler. Soooooo good! And it came with some fresh vanilla ice cream with cinnamon. And guess what? It is right next door to Prince's Hot Chicken located in Antioch. They had very nice vibes with music playing while you waited and friendly staff. There are so many flavor options from regular peach to mango peach to cinnamon peach praline and so many more. Not to mention they serve banana pudding as well. Trust me this is a must-stop when you're visiting Nashville!

6. Cupcake Collection: [Black and Family Owned] This is a Nashville staple they also have a location in New Orleans, where they are originally from as well. They have a variety of cupcake flavors including their Award-winning sweet potato cupcake. It is located in the heart of German Town where the 2020 tornado hit all around them destroying buildings but they were not harmed. Please go by and support! They are closed on Saturdays due to their religion but check the hours and times on google.

7. Garden Brunch Cafe [Black-Owned] Amazing breakfast spot located on Jefferson Street closer to German Town. I have had the banana foster pancakes with eggs and potatoes. There is usually a wait because it is not that big but trust me it is worth the wait! If not you can always order to-go as well.

8. The Ice-cream Bar: Wow, found this hidden gem thanks to Ramia in the Antioch/Brentwood

area located at 5572 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 37211. It is seriously the cutest. The decor is cute and fits the theme perfectly. The chairs are made like areas, paint popsicles coming out of the wall. But most of all their popsicles are the BEST! I also had the strawberry (I can't remember the name it I think it's Spanish). But it's strawberries, cream, and water-based ice cream. It is soooooo good! I love all things strawberries! This is the perfect place to take kids! But I love strawberries so perfect place to take myself haha

9. Seafood Sensations: [Black-Owned] Before I moved this is all I use to eat for seafood. It is located on Jefferson St. right by TSU. They have some amazing fruit tea flavors as well. Now you know of course I am a huge Juicy Crab fan in Atlanta. I will be doing an Atlanta Eats blog soon too.

9. Hampton Social: If you want ambiance this is your spot for sure! I love the flower wall but

they actually have really good food too! I don't drink but they have some really neat looking drinks too. I had the salmon when I went in February but I also know the lobster rolls are impeccable! The decor is so cute! Even though my bestie Donalyn almost burned it all down this night opening up her Galentine gift and the tissue paper caught on fire on the table candle. Such a fun and memorable night for sure!

10. Shugga Hi Bakery and Cafe: [Black-Owned] Me and my mom went to try out this new brunch spot. My mom had the breakfast bowl and loved every drop of it. I had the chicken and waffle. I loved the fried chicken breast and the fact that it comes with one scrambled egg.

11. Sedona Taphouse: I loooove seafood if you cannot tell by now. I have been here several times and I love the crab stuffed shrimp but I substitute the spinach (I love too) but love the broccoli better and mashed potatoes. I hear their drinks are delicious too according to my besties Paige and Victoria.

  • Bonus Whiskey Kitchen: I haven't been in a while but I use to love this place for their buffalo chicken pizza. It is located in the Gultch, one of my favorite areas in the city.

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