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Meet CocoChanel

Wow, I missed January so happy 2021! I have been busy with the normal and on January 16th I was gifted my new puppy CocoChanel ! she is now my fav PR package to date. If you are looking for a new fur baby my breeder is the best Coco is a Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie). She is such a joy in my life at a time where I have been in the house alone for almost a year with quarantine. She is such a good puppy. Day 1 she came using the pee pads 90% of the time now she is at 100%. She is so sweet and of course, sleeps a lot like puppies do thank goodness because she can be a busy body when awake.

She loves playing with her toys and now blueberries! We started puppy training a Petsmart on Saturday and the trainer suggested certain fruits and vegetables. Carrots made her a little sick so we are sticking with blueberries but these are used as rewarding treats so she doesn't get fat off of too many dog treats. We are so grateful our photographer LaJoy was able to capture us shortly after I received her. She did such a phenomenal job (Coco too).

She will have her last puppy shots on March 6th then she will be able to go outside and mingle with other dogs. I love the small dog park at Piedmont. This is not my first dog that is why this time around I am good at it. Previously I had Fancy (a full 4 lb. Yorkie) for 10 years. I have been asked a few times what happened with Fancy so I will cover that now.

I received Fancy from my High School friend very unexpectedly back in 2009. I went over to her house to drop something off and noticed a cute little Yorkie on the in-screen porch with no attention. They had just had a newborn and Fancy was never really properly house trained. I have always loved Yorkies since I was like, fav breed. So me being me I just jokingly said she is out there lonely you all should give her to me. Her husband said you can have her but my friend hesitated but agreed as well. I walked away that day with a new dog I was not expecting. She was already 1 year old and set in her ways.

Fancy was very hard to train she would even pee in her bed. In September 2019 (she was 11 years old) she started peeing excessively, more than normal. I took her to the vet and she received medication (2 different kinds) but nothing worked. Yorkies have really bad teeth sometimes (I research breeds now). She was on soft food when I got her (far too long for her teeth) but it was too far gone. Also, she hated other dogs. She would snap at bigger dogs and did not like to mingle. I was not able to take her to dog hotels if needed due to her temper. That year I went through a break-up so I no longer had help with her. My family lives in Nashville and due to her lacking house training, no friends wanted to deal with her.

Pre-Covid I was always on the go and in her elder years I felt she needed more attention from an older couple, new health issue, and lack of help I made the tough decision to give her up for adoption. She had to go through health for the first 2 weeks and had most of her teeth removed. I was so sad, for 10 whole years we have been together. She moved with me from Nashville to Atlanta and in the first home I owned. She was with me busy through 2 of my 3 degrees and working several jobs at once. I loved her bad butt. But that experience has taught me how to be a better fur mom.

I wasn't expecting CocoChanel at all but I am so grateful she came into my life when she did! It is the unconditional love for me but it does have its responsibilities. It is so rewarding and fun. She genuinely makes me laugh with her little personality. When Spring hits we will for sure be at the small dog part at Piedmont pretty much every weekend! I love that place and cannot wait to take her for the first experience. COVID has taught me to sit still so even when life ever does get back to fully normal I won't take on as much! I am done with school, I don't work 2 jobs anymore (my business and influencing is my second job more now plus I can do that at home), and do not have to be on every committee or every event. Now I do love traveling so I will have her taken care of with that first. But I will say this has helped me so much building my savings!

Let me know if you have any dog questions?

I also added a dog section on my Amazon picks. Please shop this link so that we get credit! These are some of my favorites from clothes, toys, and anything you need!

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