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Live Life Even if it's Solo

Since I was a little kid, I did not like relying on others to do what I wanted to do. I was the youngest of my cousin age-group so as a kid I was always left out because I was "too young" and I talked a lot, well still do. Probably afraid I would tell on them. It is something about being left by the front door with your coat on waiting on your cousin to pick you up but never does that stick with you. I kept saying as soon as I turn 16 I would get my car and be gone on my own terms. And that is exactly what I did! In addition, I was the only child until 7 years old and even then we had nothing in common so I still stayed in my room entertaining myself so it has always something that came naturally for me I guess.

As an adult moving to a city with no family nor best friends made me keep the same energy. I have also lived alone for about 11 years. I don't want to live life waiting for others to accompany me. Life is way too short! About a year ago I did even more things solo than usual. Here is a list of things I have done solo that I can think of off the top of my head thus far:

  1. Movies (started last year. Some movies that crazy are weird when walking out you have no one to discuss the movie with but other than that I was fine)

  2. Martin Comedy Show/Comedy Shows

  3. Concerts (quite a few) even 2 Gucci Mane concerts

  4. Travel

  5. Church all the time (that's a normal)

  6. Restaurants

  7. A lounge

  8. I use to go to parties solo sometimes

  9. Events

  10. Shopping all the time of course

  11. The park (first time setting up a picnic last weekend but I have gone to walk there a lot!)

Of course, the normal actives solo but some things you will be surprised people will not do alone. I received a few DMs after my solo escapades recently some says it inspires them and they have missed out on a lot waiting on someone else.

This is YOUR life to live so I encourage you to live it to the fullest. Of course be safe and cautious but still live your life! Through my experience living alone over a decade, life, and relocating I have become very comfortable being by myself. Even during the beginning of quarantine, I did not see anyone but grateful for entertain personality I was able to entertain myself. lol If this something brand new to you maybe take baby steps to ease yourself into it. I would love to hear your feedback via the comments. How are you doing with outings solo? What has been your experience? Does this encourage you to do more things you want even if no one is available to do so?

Don't get it twisted I love people! I have great solid friends just as adults everyone is busy caught up living their lives. I do not have any best friends here in Atlanta they are all back home in Nashville and Houston (they also have whole families) but they make time for me via phone and when I come in town. I also love spending time with my family when I am in town but none of them are here in Atlanta on a normal basis. Also, comment if you have any questions! Please be sure to subscribe as well.

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