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In Atlanta we BRUNCH

Happy April! We are officially in Spring. Whether you live here in Atlanta or coming to visit you must attend brunch! I am a big advocate of brunch so it was only right I give my top 10 brunch spots. So places I got to for the food, some it is for the ambiance, and some it is both! I will break down my top 10 picks and why. I did not put them in a particular order. Here is Atlanta it is a whole ordeal put on a cute outfit, eat well, and enjoy the environment! Welcome to Atlanta where brunch is essential! I can't believe August will make 9 years as a resident. I hope you love this list! Let me know if you try any of my recommendations.

1. Fellaship ATL-

It is located in the heart of mid-town and black-owned. Cam and Cecil Newton are the owners. Cecil went to TSU where I met him by the way of his lovely wife Bethany that went to High School with me. This brunch spot is a whole vibe and the food is good. It is a cigar bar so the men usually love it too. It is not too girly like some brunch spots. I even hosted my 2020 birthday brunch here and everyone enjoyed it! I have personally had the lemon blueberry chicken and waffles (it does not taste like lemon just light and fluffy). I also had the salmon croquette and eggs. Here is the site: check out the menu and book reservations.

2. Toast on Lenox-

This new brunch spot is located in Buckhead in a plaza. Keep that in mind with parking because it is shared by multiple businesses yet they still have a valet (The Atlanta way). Also black-owned and operated. The food was amazing and the ambiance is a whole vibe. It is kind of small so I did have to wait an hour (outside waiting only) but I went the 2nd week they opened. I got the Ricotta pancakes (which did not taste like lemon) with fried chicken wings. Both were phenomenal! There is a cute wall for photos as well and the decor is so chic. The last time I checked reservations were not available but if you get there early no problem. Here is the site: check out the menu.

3. Breakfast at Barney's-

The decor is impeccable and the food is just as phenomenal! They have a unique menu that I like as well. My friend Mia had the soul food egg rolls as an appetizer. I got pancakes and chicken of course. They do not have reservations so you will have to wait outside until called. I waited over an hour when I went last year as soon as it opened but it is worth the wait. Black-owned as well.

3. The Southern Gentlemen-

Whew, I don't know why I did not try this gem before. It is located in the Shops of Buckhead, which I love already! One of my clients has them as a client so our team meeting was there this month. They serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. OMG, my favorite part (I do not even drink) was the Seasonal Fruit Punch Mimosas, If I can taste the liquor I won't drink it but this was delicious. My friend Quenest does drink like that either but said it was the best mimosa she ever had too! We had the whole pitcher (majority me). I had their rendition of chicken and waffles but it was some sort of cornbread thing they called cake very southern. The chicken was the best part and house-made hot sauce. But if anything go for that Fruit Punch Mimosa. THE BEST! Here is the site: view the menu and book reservations.

4. The Garden Room-

I went for dinner but I have seen photos and videos for brunch AMAZING AMBIANCE! You are going to this one for ambiance. The food is more small plates and very unique. It is the prettiest inside like a real garden! It is located in Buckhead-there is garage parking or free street parking if you are lucky! However, reservations are the hardest part. Both times I was booked in January for April. Walk-in is hard they had some girls outside in the cold waiting for a long time for the bar. I strongly suggest booking reservations way in advance on Open Table (like months). It is a hot commodity since it has been opened for like a year now.

5. Agency Socialthèque-

This is also black-owned located inside of Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. They have a brunch menu but serve their regular menu too. I always get the fried lobster tail appetizer (love the sauce) and lobster and shrimp spaghetti. It is so delicious. The ambiance is nice! You can walk in to this spot or make reservations. Check out their menu

6. BQE -

It has been a while since I have been here but it is a turn-up kind of vibe. Loud music, usually crowded, but fun! I got the red velvet chicken and waffles. I think it was a wait to get in we didn't have reservations if they have any.

7. Milk and Honey -

I don't believe this had reservations so it was a wait but it was good! I had chicken and waffles of course with the salmon croquette. Check their menu out: This is located a little outside of the metro city.

8. The Hive Buckhead -

I have been here a few times. They have good low music playing, it is a little louder in the back area. They have hookah. But I will be honest the service is not the best. It took forever for our food to come out but I had the red velvet chicken and waffle with lobster Mac and cheese. This is located in Buckhead with a free parking lot behind it (hopefully it is not too packed).

9. Tupelo and Honey -

You go here for the food! It is located in Sandy Springs but the food is southern style and delicious. I got the blueberry pancakes with chicken, eggs, and breakfast potatoes. So yummy!

10. Gocha's Breakfast-

It is located in the Cascade area in a plaza. There was a wait but got in at the bar. The food was good! I had pancakes and salmon croquettes. Do you see a running theme with me? haha

*Nana's Chicken and Waffles-

This is a bonus. I haven't eaten here yet (they don't have reservations) but check out their IG looks soooooooo good! I will be going soon! I believe it is more East Atlanta.

*Mr. Icey's Kitchen and Bar-

I hated the small parking lot shared by other businesses! The food gave brunch but with an island twist. Music was a whole vibe and cute decor. It is located near North Druid Hills.

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