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I Am Officially a Blogger Now

Welcome officially to my blog! Wow, another gift from COVID-19 pandemic. I have basically been blogging for yearssssssss on Instagram. But it was time to stretch my talents. I have so much amazing content why not?! I have more time to do so! Well, I am still busy with work, my business, nonprofit, and home projects but you know what I mean. I am so happy to finally be crossing over I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

I remember being a keynote speaker for the inaugural Blogger XChange Xpo in my hometown Nashville, TN August 2018. I was so honored! I spoke in front of about 100 or so bloggers and creatives. It was one of my best speaking engagements it just flowed and I spoke for about an hour with no notes, shared testimonies, and gave social media tips from The Social Media Dr. perspective. But I also learned so much from attending workshops and met so many dope women I am still connected to currently. Brittany taught me about YouTube (she is a beast) now I just need to be more consistent. Jasmine taught me about working with brands. I learned about pitching and content. I was so inspired! It honestly improved me as a brand.

That winter LaJoy of LaJoy Photography, LLC. and I met at an event I was hosting. What a BLESSING! Talk about divine connection. She asked me to be her ambassador and I was so honored her work is impeccable! Look above at this bomb photo and makeup by @BreBeautified. She seriously took my content to a new level. I am forever grateful.

On Tuesday, May 19th my big sis Rita texted me and her inspiration pushed me I finished the blog in literally one day with finishing touches the next day. When I put my mind to something I focus to get it done. I can't wait to share more content with you! Please subscribe so you can stay in the loop! Let's enjoy this ride together!

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