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Fall Favorites

I cannot believe it is already Fall! Like we need to just redo 2020 it is going by fast but still doesn't feel like I have done much. But now that we are in Fall I must say it is my absolute favorite. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the Summertime as well and Christmas alone (not the rest of Winter). But Fall it's just so many staples and beauty.

The Fall leaves changing colors are he most beautiful out of any season! Like the colors are so vivid and picturesque! The # most favorite thing about Fall is of course MY BIRTHDAY (October 15th) shoutout to all of my Libras, we the best! But I wanted to share some of my Fall favorites:

  1. Vanilla Chai Tea Lattes - I love to make them at home with my Keurig with my choice of creamer and whip cream. But my favorite on the go Chai tea is not even from Starbucks it is actually from Duncan Donuts. Order the vanilla chai tea latte with Almond milk extra caramel extra whip cream. It is phenomenal.

  2. Horror Movies- I've always been a huge horror movie fan since I was little. I love Michael Myers, American Horror Story, Lovecraft Country, Insidious, and all the haunts based on true stories.

  3. Homecoming Season - I went to undergrad at Middle Tennessee State University and I love going back for homecoming. I have only missed 2 homecomings since I was a freshman in 2004. I also use to attend Tennessee State University homecomings as well if I can attend both. It is a time to see people I haven't seen in awhile, have fun, party like I am in undergrad again, the outfits, time with my Line Sisters, chapter activities, step show, tailgate, etc. Am I the only one sad this year I will miss it because it is canceled due to COVID-19? We are playing Western Kentucky this year too and it didn't fall on my birthday it was going to be perfect but safety first.

4. Fall Fashions - I love boots, browns, and all the cute Fall fashion when it is chilly but before it gets too cold. I hate the cold. I am in the South but our 40 degrees is too cold for me so I could not imagine up North. Fall fashion is easy to style up with staple pieces like boots. Heel knee boots are my favorite. I have the perfect chestnut suede pair I have had for years that is the perfect Fall piece.

5. My Birthday - In true Libra fashion I usually go all out celebrating. Last year my younger sister Raven surprised me with a room at my fav hotel here in Atlanta the Westin with all the decorations and my fav cousin as well. Then I had a birthday brunch with like 15-20 people including my family driving down from Nashville, TN. Oh, this is all the weekend before by the way. The finale was Santorini, Greece. This wasn't even a milestone birthday. Life is to be celebrated I feel like it is a holiday for me. I love gifts even though I am so hard to shop for because either I already got it for myself or it's super expensive. Sorry loved ones.

Here are some new Fall treats I found at Kroger this week:

  1. Hot Apple Cider - Mott's just came out with Hot Apple Cider K-Cups. I had a cup this morning and it was delicious! I added cinnamon, sugar, and honey. Perfect Fall drink!

  2. Cinnamon Bun spread from Trader Joe's. I had it on a pumpkin bagel (I do not like pumpkin flavor by the way) I am sure on my normal cinnamon raisin it is delicious.

  3. Caramel hot cocoa

  4. Chai Tea Latte K-Cups -I add vanilla creamer and top with whip cream

  5. Fall scented candles are always a MUST I changed my candles out to Bath and Body Works Vanilla Chai Tea.

The Fall is so magical. Let's not forget about Halloween when you can dress up as someone else for a night. I have been Pocahontas (my childhood nickname), Jigsaw, Freddy Kruger, I Dream of Jeanie, and Mariah Carey all as adults. My costume is already in the works as we speak-custom this year. I will be doing a blog post about it! I hope you love Fall as much as I do and enjoy some of these Fall favorites. Comment, like, and subscribe!

-Dr. Lauren Elise xoxo

Photos by: @LaJoyPhotographyLLC

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Chanel Vanity bag:


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