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What My New-Found Neighbors Have Taught Me

Updated: May 20, 2020

Wow, the quarantine has brought a lot of bad but it has also brought a lot of good! I met several new neighbors last week and it has been so amazing. I have been home now more than ever so it has allowed me to pay attention to my surroundings more and not always in a rush.

Last Saturday I randomly hung out with my neighbors on Shira's back deck. That is where I learned about a fire pit like wait now I need one of those. She then tells me where she saw one super cheap. Then I met her direct neighbor Gio. He built his own Tiki bar during this time with leftover materials it is so cool and creative. He then brings out a real (big and legit) karaoke machine. Of course, I went first to do Mariah Carey We Belong Together. But before I could end the song 2 police officers showed up. Apparently, someone was trying to sleep at 10:20 pm on a Saturday! haha But nonetheless I have now seen the contraptions my neighbors had that I didn't so I acted fast as always!

This whole time I thought my neighbors had lights outside their home plugged up inside some sort of way. I never heard of solar lights, wow! I am so particular about my electric and water bill since I am the one paying it so this was made for me I just hate I didn't slow down to pay attention sooner than now. It took COVID-19 smh I am so late but thanks to my neighbors I found these beauties and I am amazed! Shop these now on my Amazon store:

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How they work:

  • Put together (easy assemble)

  • Strategically place in the ground (not under the shade it needs the sun)

  • Mine had a red tab I had to remove near the rechargeable battery (solar operated). Then wait until it gets dark and watch the magic! I cannot wait until Christmas.

It literally brightens up my garden! What a beautiful addition!

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